With a home theater projector, creating your own home theater system is easier than ever before. Most people who set up a home theater usually do so with the basics beginning with a television that really wasn’t all that great for movie viewing.

Then, the makers of television sets had several brilliant ideas. Now more than ever, televisions have evolved from small, square black and white sets to big screen to huge plasmas. Every time technology advances in the world of television, our viewing options take a turn for the better.

When it comes to setting up a home theater, many people have taken advantage of these leaps in technology by the type of televisions they buy. But there’s still a problem with using a television.

What you see is limited to the view the size of the screen can hold. You can have a movie theater experience but it’s just limited. You don’t want limits. You want the total package – you want your viewing experience to be larger than ordinary.

With a home theater projector, you can remove the limitations of viewing through television. You can set your projector up to harness that same thrill of being at the cinema to enjoy upcoming Disney movies or Marvel movies both in an easy and convenient way.

Remember those old slide projectors? Most of have a mental image of embarrassing vacation slides being shown. Those projectors showing off those moments we wish we could disappear were bulky and difficult to handle.

But due to customer demand projectors underwent many changes from the originals. Customers (especially those in the workplace who need portable projectors to present ideas and business moves to clients) wanted something that combined technology with ease of use.

A home theater projector is a similar design concept except that you don’t have those old slides you have to manually input and you don’t have to sit nearby and click a button. It can all be done by remote control. You can change the color, the mode and even freeze the image.

A Sony Home Theater Projector

A Sony Home Theater Projector

So you know you want a projector but what qualities should you look for? If you have a summer vacation home and you know you’re going to want to take the project along for the duration, then look for one that’s easy to move-such as a lightweight model. Projectors of today don’t have to be back breakers. Plus, you want a projector that doesn’t require you to spend all your vacation just setting it up! But do make image quality your topmost consideration when choosing a projector.

A good home theater projector brings huge cinema sized images into your home

A good home theater projector brings huge cinema sized images into your home

The three most important factors to consider when looking for image quality are native resolution, your source material, and brightness uniformity. What you are watching will make a big difference in the quality of your image. A low-quality signal into your projector will most likely look like a low-quality signal when projected, and on a larger screen may be even more noticeable. For best results, you should try and match the native resolution of your source material. A progressive scan DVD player is typically a 480p signal, while HDTV signals that are 1080i or 1080p. Projectors designed for home theater applications will usually include some kind of video scaling technology which improves the appearance of non-native signals. It is advisable to choose a projector that is capable of displaying high definition 1080p resolution as blu-ray discs and HD broadcasts are becoming more ubiquitous.