The Marantz SR5011 offers 7.2 channel audio. This network AV receiver includes both Bluetooth capability, along with Wi-Fi that is built in, providing different options for connecting the device. On the exterior, it offers a total of 8 HDMI inputs. This allows users to effectively attach the devices they have to this device. The unit also offers a 4K full rate pass through that includes pure color and picture calibration. Additionally, options like music streaming, internet radio, and the ability to connect devices remotely to it are all included.

Marantz SR5011

Marantz SR5011

The internal sound system is DTS:X compatible with the Dolby Atmos. This allows for you to use the dynamic volume and equalization options, on devices that are compatible with it. These devices can also be managed when you utilize the remote that can be installed on any Amazon, Apple, or Android device. These simple touch app will provide users with all the control features that are necessary to continue to operate the unit, while also notifying the user of any updates that may become available for the system.

With 3D technology improving, the unit can utilize the latest technologies that are available for sound. This includes a quad core DSP processor featuring 32 bit sound. The Marantz SR5011 can then deliver blockbuster sound, thanks to the 7 channel amplifier included. Since the Marantz SR5011 is rated with a drive low impendence with 4 ohm speaker on all channels, it will work with a wider range of devices.

Below is the back panel layout. Click on image to enlarge for a clearer view.

Marantz SR5011 Back Panel

Marantz SR5011 Back Panel

Connectivity has also changed over the years. This is where dual band connectivity is important. With the SR5011, you have the ability to take advantage of true dual band WiFi in addition to Bluetooth. This diversity ensures that all devices that can connect wirelessly. From your favorite device you can then utilize things like AirPlay, Pandora, Spotify, and other digital audio sources to play your favorite songs on the go. Additionally, options like a traditional stereo, iPod and other devices can all be connected with the use of the USB connections that are located on the front of the device. That expands on the number of devices that can utilize this unit while it is in the home or office.

Because technology does change so fast, those who invest in the Marantz SR5011 will appreciate the firmware capability. While it comes with the ability to initially play 4K UHD, HDR, WCG and other formats, the ever expanding array of formats that are being released. Thanks to the adjustable acoustic measurement and speak compensation, the audio will remain as true as possible, no matter how you choose to play it back. Additionally, the audio return channel will ensure that all sound data is processed to deliver sound data to your speakers to ensure it is as close to being to what the original composer intended for the sound. What is perhaps most unique about this playback option, is that it also requires less power to deliver maximum sound impact. Using a fraction of what older speakers required for the same degree of sound. That means enjoyment is delivered, while reducing the carbon footprint that you are leaving on the planet.

In fact, the unit uses the eco mode technology that has been found in many new devices. This preserves the true range of the experience that uses can have, while constantly evolving, so that the device will use less power and reduce the consumption of energy with future firmware updates. The SR5011 can easily connect to the internet so that you can continue to upgrade the firmware with ease, so the system never becomes obsolete, as so many systems do these days thanks to the advancements of technology.

The fidelity of the sound will also evolve through the SR5011. With a 24 bit and 192 Khz DA convertor on every channel, there are new resolutions to be included with this device. This includes uncompressed gems like the AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, and WAV files. With the ability to tap into the speakers of multiple rooms, it is also possible to have a full home experience with the sound. Just adjust the settings and you can walk through every room of the house and hear your favorite music as it plays with ease.

The Marantz SR5011 is one of the options that is available for those interested in purchasing an output device for their home. It is important to compare all the options that are available to ensure that you select the one device that best suits your needs.

Update: There is a newer model > Marantz SR5012