You don’t want to pour a lot of money in setting up your home theater system only to discover you haven’t given much thought to your home theater seating. Most movies today are around two to three hours long and if you watch more than one at a time, that’s a chunk of time you’ll be sitting down.

You don’t want to get chairs that make the entire viewing experience as comfortable as sitting on a concrete block. How much fun will you have if you dread sitting down in the chair? Get chairs that are too hard and when you stand up, your bottom will ache. Too soft and you’ll end up with back or neck aches.

Comfortable Home Theater Seats

Comfortable Home Theater Seats

Some people select a room they know will be their permanent home theater viewing room so they hire an installer or do it themselves and bolt the chairs in. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

You won’t know how you like where the chairs are situated until you’ve tried them out for a little while. If it turns out you don’t like where they’ve been bolted down, then you’ve got your work cut out undoing them and repositioning them. Then you’ll have to fix the holes in the flooring.

You can opt for stadium seating – and some people do. The bottom of the chair is usually wider than the top or it comes with a seat that folds up just like in a movie theater. This kind of seating either delivers extreme comfort or you’ll hate them. If you decide to go with stadium seating, get the best brand for the most comfort that you can afford.

The most popular type of home theater seating option is the loungers. You can find them in contemporary styles and colors with headrests that are so plushy you can recline in complete comfort.

You can find motorized recliners that give you the ultimate in seating comfort. Loungers are large and top of the line. They can be arranged in a straight line or a semi circle. You can expect to pay anywhere from just below five hundred dollars to over three thousand.

Before you choose which seating you’re going to have in your home theater, try out the seats first. Sit down in them and kick back. Consider the temperature of your home, too. If you wear shorts, will the material stick to the back of your legs when it gets warm? Does the material make a sound when you shift around in the seat?

Consider other additional bonus features in the loungers. Do they come with cup holders? Built in coolers to keep drinks handy? What about a massage option? You and your guests will appreciate these conveniences.