It was exciting to hear about, try, and review the 2016 upgrades displayed in Yamaha’s RX 60 receivers. What a surprise to receive delightful good news with this year’s Yamaha RX 70 series, including the Yamaha Aventage RX-A670!

What’s to say about Yamaha’s promise for firmware updates after a product is released? I say, “Smart business move!” because the company gets an improved product on the market and delivers the feature update as guaranteed. The 70 series is set to support HDR (high dynamic range) upon release. Buying the unit in late May or early June means a short wait for the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLB) and Dolby Vision firmware updates, scheduled for release in the fall. It gives a new owner the opportunity to get familiar with the controls and features of the Yamaha RX-A670 while anticipating the additional viewing pleasure coming their way.

Yamaha RX-A670

Yamaha RX-A670

Product Review

It’s easy to appreciate a company that makes a controller that is easier to use than on previous models. Yamaha’s AV/Controller App is convenient to download and use with an iPhone or Android. Placing the app on my smartphone gave me the power to adjust volume, control power, and add selections in addition to other options. I bypassed the opportunity to use up to 23 different languages, but enjoyed renaming some of the functions and hiding icons I didn’t plan to use.

There’s a tendency to listen to the sound and consequently praise it while ignoring the video. Suffice it to say that Yamaha’s reputation for sound is well-deserved. The depth of clarity and all-around sound of the Yamaha RX-A670 is remarkable, particularly when it’s experienced in the base model.

Grabbing a bowl of chips and a soda, I leaned back in the chair to watch a favorite movie. The vivid colors provided a range of many shades and hues. The scenery stood out, making it simple to imagine myself in the center of the action. Dolby has spoiled the viewing public with amazing video at the theater. It’s exciting to imagine the experience when the Dolby Vision and other upgrades are available with the firmware update later this year.

Below is the back panel layout. Click on image to enlarge for a clearer view.

Yamaha RX-A670 Back Panel

Yamaha RX-A670 Back Panel

About the Product

Like other products in Yamaha’s Aventage line, the RX-A670 proudly demonstrates the benefits of an AVR built with superior quality circuitry and components. Sound distortion is practically non-existent, greatly increasing the pleasure of music, dynamics, and the spoken word. The Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) continues to provide an easy way of setting up a room with impressive sound.

The 7.2 channel AVR will provide 4K Ultra HD video support once the new firmware update is released using three different HDR video profiles. Dolby Vision, baseline HDR10, and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). Live HDR broadcast signals will deliver an amazing viewing experience with a wide range of colors and contrast. Wireless connectivity is flexible using AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Comparison of Yamaha RX-A670 and RX-A660

It was easy to tell a comparison between last year’s model RX-A660 and this year’s presentation of the RX-A670 would take time to consider because the two AVRs have so much in common. Price is a popular factor when considering an upgrade to the family home video system. Instead of raising the price of the newest base model, the MSRP ($600) is lower than that of the previous year!

The Yamaha RX-A660 and 670 have a lot in common, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X codec compatibility. The 80W per channel delivers a good amount of power. The impressive surround format from last year is comparable to the 2017 presentation. Craftsmanship for the AVENTAGE RX-A660 delighted listeners a year ago. 2017’s model repeats the high levels of audio performance typical of Yamaha engineering MusicCast is a favored multiroom feature of both the 660 and 670. Quality music from room to room is available through wireless technology and a compatible Smartphone or device.

The highlight of improvement for the RX-A760 is a firmware update projected for fall 2017. The addition of Deezer and TIDAL apps to the MusicCast streaming library will result in access to millions of songs.


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS-X deliver high performance sound.
  • HDMI technologies include (HDR) high dynamic range and spectacular 4K Ultra HD.
  • Fall 2017 firmware update supports Dolby Vision and HLG.
  • Free MusicCast app accesses your streaming music services and music library.
  • Unwanted vibrations are greatly reduced with Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge.
  • Green operation reduces power consumption by approximately 20%.


Yamaha RX-A670 is so far ahead in its class that the only negative thing is the short wait for the firmware update providing Deezer, Dolby Vision and other options.


Yamaha RX-A670 is an economical way to master the company’s controller and experience the multiple rewards of premium sound and visual performance. MusicCast provides audio to as many as nine additional rooms. Millions of songs are accessible through streaming services and Internet radio stations. Google play and iTunes App Store have an app for the AV Controller that provides control of an assortment of functions using a Smartphone, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Even if there is no plan to use the advanced video features, they are included and accessible. The more familiar a person gets with the advantages of this unit, the better chance of trying out the high-tech delivery and enjoying the home-theatre experience.