Marantz has released an awesome new product into the consumer electronics market. 2017 is going to be a big year for Marantz and home theater fans as the Marantz SR7011 hits the market. The fantastic new AV receiver is a updated version of previous models and the new one comes with fantastic HEOS music streaming technology.

Marantz SR7011

Marantz SR7011

Home Theater Changes

Power and prestige are two traits that make a home theater setup incredibly awesome. Not every AV receiver can boast of these two traits. The Marantz SR7011 can do so and also lay claim to many other exceptional features and benefits. Anyone who wishes a home theater is capable of maximizing all audio power is going to discover the SR7011 is able to do so quite effectively.

The unit provides a stunning 3D surround sound system that integrates DTS:X, Auro 3D, and Dolby Atmos. The result of the “triple play” approach to creating sound is exceptional audio that turns television viewing, game playing, and stereo listening into amazing — almost lifelike — experiences. Note: Auro 3D is only available an through an additional upgrade.

Dolby Atmos duplicates the immersive sound found in movie theaters. DTS:X builds on Dolby Atmos by creating a 3D immersive sound. Both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X can be integrated with overhead speakers for even more awesome sound.

Paying extra for the Auro-3D upgrade — when available — may really be worth it. The immersive surround sound produced by Auro-3D is absolutely cutting edge and incredible.

Below is the back panel layout. Click on image to enlarge for a clearer view.

Marantz SR7011 Back Panel

Marantz SR7011 Back Panel

A Solid and Simple Unit

The 9.2 channel receiver definitely stands out from the crowd of competitors. At first glance, the “black box” design does not seem to stand out all that much. In truth, the physical design of the receiver is a bit minimalist. Perhaps this can be deemed a positive since the simple design allows the Marantz SR7011 receiver to fit in with virtually any type of home theater construct.

The simplicity does not mean it lacks quality display features or controls. No one is going to miss any of them. The ability to execute the commands won’t be hampered either. So, there should be no worries there. The design also allows for the easy integration of various devices and accessories. USB and HDMI ports are hard to miss. So are the two jacks for different millimeter headphones.

Operating the SR7011 isn’t exactly complicated. Once everything is hooked up, taking advantage of the sound quality and performance is easy. This brings up….

Marantz SR7011 with Open Front Panel

Marantz SR7011 with Open Front Panel

Sound and Aesthetics

The goal of the 3D surround sound production is designed to mimic what audiences would hear in a movie theater. The Marantz SR7011 absolutely does deliver on this expectation as the audio is fantastic. The distribution of the 9.2 channel system — 125W per channel — assists with this outcome.

A complete 5.1.4 home cinema setup is available without the need to purchase any additional amplifier. Those who want amazing sound without having to continually build on the existing AV receiver will find this model a great investment. Those who do choose to add an amplifier can do so, which would absolutely further enhance the sound system. Once an amplifier is plugged into the receiver the channel output is raised up to 11.2, a tremendous enhancement on the original 9.2 construct.

The amplifier is capable of handling a wide range of different speakers, which provides further flexibility to the sound capable of being produced from the amp. For those who opt for an external amplifier — and the subsequent 11 channel enhancement — would be able to increase the number of speakers. Doing so enhances the possibility to create the most-desirable sound.

Video Quality Improvement and Control

For many good reasons, sound is what is most commonly discussed on this receiver. The “V” in AV stands for video, and the SR7011 does a lot towards presenting quality video. the 8 HDMI inputs and corresponding three outputs support the display of High-Definition video. There are numerous different components that contribute to the crystal clear display of Ultra HD video. Various components — HDR, 60Hz video, and more — are all run through this receiver without lags or other issues.

3D and 4K Ultra HD are incredible to behold — this AV receiver makes it possible to see images with such clarity and color.

Streaming and Smart Technology

Wireless and Wi-Fi technology is the way to go with modern, high-tech home theater systems. The Marantz SR7011 is sure to please those interesting in the perfect streaming “smart” system setup.

The aforementioned HEOS wireless technology is what delivers the sought-after result of being able to control and listen to audio throughout the interior of a home. An interesting speaker setup could lead someone to listening to whatever selections they wish no matter where in a home they might be. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities make this possible.

The HEOS app also adds greatly to the ability to stream music. While not unlimited, the volume of streaming services run through the amp thanks to the app integration allows for running audio from iHeart Radio, Amazon streaming, and several other popular sources. And yes, the sound quality running through the home is going to be exceptional.

A Thrilling Improvement

The Marantz SR7011 is a solid improvement over the previous release of the SR7010 — and the SR7010 was a great receiver. Those who want something truly amazing in sound and audio for their home theater system should look closer at this new release. Marantz has produced a true winner, one that is taking the home theater market by storm.