Marantz has produced a great many excellent products for the home theater market, and the 9-channel SR6011 AV receiver might be one of the brand’s most impressive products. The Marantz SR6011 receiver is known for its stunning 3D surround sound among other fantastic attributes. Not too long ago, Marantz impressed the consumer electronics world with the SR5011, a top AV receiver as well. Building on the outstanding SR5011, the upgraded 2016 AV receiver adds two more amplification channels. Anyone hoping to hear their favorite music, movies, and sports in perfect sound is going to be thrilled once the SR6011 is hooked up.

Marantz SR6011

Marantz SR6011

3D Sound Realized

The impressive nature of 3D sound can be realized with this seemingly innocuous receiver. The combination of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround decoding absolutely contribute to the sound. 9 channels of amplification further direct sound in a manner that makes it seem crisp, clear, and realistic. External amplifiers are not even required to produce the desired sound. The system’s potential to drive overhead speakers further enhances the impressive 3D sound. Really, this receiver is impressive. Every notable features a consumer could think of is weaved into the construct of this HD 3D surround receiver.

And the construct is quite interesting.

The Design and Construction

This body the receiver is encased in is not exactly diminutive, but it is not oversized either. The design is very sleek with very few noticeable controls. Not everyone may think the “sleekness” of an AV receiver is important. Performance is what matters most. True. Yet, home theaters are also intended to present a decorative benefit to any interior they are placed inside. The sleek look of the Marantz SR6011 allows it to slip almost innocuously into the composition of any home theater setup. In short, the grand power the sizeable receiver delivers won’t be accompanied by a clunky physical design that visually detracts from a room.

Just because the casing and design allows the device to somewhat slip into the background does not mean the performance is limited.

Below is the back panel layout. Click on image to enlarge for a clearer view.

Marantz SR6011 Back Panel

Marantz SR6011 Back Panel

Inputs and Expansions

There are eight HDMI inputs on the SR6011 which allows for greatly expanding how the receiver can be used. In addition to the HDMI inputs, there are other helpful ports as well. iPods and USB sticks can be attached via a compatible USB port. Even microphones and headsets can be added to the receiver. Once again, the various ports and slots do increase the potential uses for the receiver significantly.

Watts and Speakers

The relationship between the receiver and the speakers plays a big part in the performance.

The average consumer might not be too concerned about how watts actual work, but those looking for the best watts rating will be suitable impressed by this receiver. The device garners a rating for 110 watts per channel – this definitely brings out the sound on speakers quite nicely.

Remember the part about no external amplifier being needed? While one is not needed, anyone who chooses to add an external amplified can do so. The result would be the ability to go beyond the 7.1.2 speaker 3D experience.

Multi-Room Benefits

The home theater room is probably where most will enjoy the exceptional sound produced from this receiver. No one has to feel limited to the main room though as the SR6011 has a solid multi-room feature. The secondary rooms do not end up experiencing second-class sound. The quality loses no luster in the various other rooms.

Marantz SR6011 with Open Front Panel

Marantz SR6011 with Open Front Panel

A “Self-Aware” Sound Fix

In sci-fi movies, a “self-aware” machine thinks and acts on its own. The Marantz SR6011 can sort of do this to a limited degree thanks to the integration of the Audyssey MultEQ XT32. This component presents a digital filter that eliminates sound imperfections. The listener won’t even know something is being adjusted “below the radar” and will only be aware of the pristine and brilliant sound. This is definitely an interesting feature that truly shows the exceptional quality of the system.

And More Features

Other features associated with the SR6011 are a bit more obvious.

The system can be connected in a completely wireless manner through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a feature many will appreciate. Hardwiring has its benefits to a degree. With wires can come a cluttered mess. The ability to connect the receiver without all the wires is a major plus.

All that sound can generate a lot of energy, which is desired. No one really desires high energy bills. The unique eco mode weaved into the system helps with cutting down on energy use. That means smaller bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Smart TV connectivity is another feature that should appeal to those who like to get the most out of a device with the least amount of effort. Operating a smart TV menu is not exactly difficult so using the menu to make requests of this 3D surround receiver won’t come with any confusion or hassles.

A Top AV Receiver

The Marantz SR6011 is one of the most interesting and feature-packed 3D HD receivers produced in 2016. For those looking for a brilliant receiver that hits all expectations of quality and performance, this one absolutely delivers.

Update: There is a newer model > Marantz SR6012