There’s a market for everything is a saying that proves to be true for antique AV receivers. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, although we don’t think anyone is crazy enough to throw away old AV receivers. Those electronic components are becoming valuable thanks to the rising number of AV collectors. Older generations make most of that community, so starting a collection of AV receivers can help meet grannies. Or even better, using the existing collection to find a relationship online. But most people don’t go around telling everyone they collect AV receivers. That’s not a widely famous hobby, so there aren’t many singles mentioning it in descriptions on their online dating profiles. But it’s still possible to meet fellow AV fans through some online dating platforms. Many mature women are collecting AV receivers and amplifiers, so looking for them online isn’t stupid. But looking for them on sites where younger girls dominate by uploading naughty photos is silly. Grannies like to spend time on niche platforms as they let them connect with local single men. Chatting about vacuum tubes and other AV-related stuff comes naturally on such sites. It’s a generational thing, even though many younger men have decent AV collections. We’ll mention three models every collector needs to have. Before talking about those beauties, we’ll reveal where to find the other kind of beauties. The ones who share the passion for antique AV equipment.

Where to Meet Single AV Receivers Collectors?

In relatively small hobbies, meeting other people with the same interests isn’t that difficult. But meeting women who’re hot, single, and love AV receivers bugs more men than you think. The other way around is the same. Female AV enthusiasts get bored in relationships with guys who don’t know how to connect speakers. That’s why so many grannies looking for men on the popular mature dating site mention their favorite hobby on their profiles. It helps them filter potential matches without chatting hence saving everyone’s time. Considering the average age of AV receivers collectors, it’s logical that more collectors look for dates on mature dating sites. Surprisingly, there are many collectors on sites that connect grannies with younger men. Older ladies there love antique AV systems because they take them back in time. Young men on such sites love the experience mature ladies bring, and their love for AV receivers comes from curiosity about the past. That makes couples with a noticeable age difference perfect because they complete each other. Before meeting in person, topics on chat keep coming when both sides share the passion for the same hobby. Some of the topics between true collectors are bad boys below. “Do you want to see my McIntosh MC240 Vacuum Tube Amplifier?” is a question that leads to many first dates. It’s hot when a girl knows her stuff. But why is MC240 special?

McIntosh MC240 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

McIntosh is a household name in the AV world. Even people who don’t know what AV receivers are have heard about McIntosh. The reason for the fame of that manufacturer is its quality. And MC240 Vacuum Tube Amplifier is the most common (yet very valuable) McIntosh tube amp. Having one at home is like having a Bible on the bookshelf. It needs to be there because, without it, everything looks empty. Grannies love rolling tubes on MC240 until they hit the perfect sound. Men sometimes get surprised by the reaction mature women have after seeing MC240 after so long. All awakened memories lead to great dates and learning a lot about each other. The one trait of McIntosh MC240 we’d like to highlight is its weight. Most grannies with MC240 in their collections have problems moving 56 pounds of audio equipment around. Another reason why mature women sometimes invite men to help them with AV collections, among other stuff. 

Pioneer SX-1250 Stereo Receiver

In the late 1970s, size mattered a lot. Builders were giving everything to create massive units. The Pioneer SX-1250 is the most famous model from that period. It’s big, but it’s not the biggest from the era. It has plenty of power, but it’s not the most powerful either. The reason for its popularity almost 50 years after it came out hides in the elegant design. Silver faceplate combined with wood makes SX-1250 a perfect decoration on any shelf. A toroidal power transformer with huge filtering capacitors makes the difference between the silent decoration and the powerful stereo SX-1250 is.

The Fisher 500-T Receiver

Average users think that Sony, McIntosh, or Pioneer are the only good brands of AV receivers. But in the past, The Fisher 500-T was years ahead of the competition. It came out in the 1960s and used the same FM stereo system we use today.

Meeting fellow AV enthusiasts is easy on events and social media, but finding singles is tricky. Online dating sites for meeting mature women and grannies are the best place to find singles with knowledge about the best Pioneer models. Most female AV receiver collectors are older women, so looking for them on specialized platforms for dating online is the first step male collectors should take.