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A Peek At The Pioneer VSX-23TXH

The Pioneer VSX-23TXH is a replacement of the Pioneer VSX 94TXH and although it is not Pioneer’s top of the line product, its value and the price to performance ratio provide anyone who buys it with a good A/V receiver. The VSX-23TXH features a greater number of HDMI inputs over its predecessor and also comes […]

Features You Will Want In Your Next AV Receiver

Looking to upgrade your AV receiver? AV receivers today certainly have a whole chunk more of features that will sweep any user off their feet. So here is a look at some of the these amazing features that you will want to have in your next av receiver. 1) Network Capability – Most folks would […]

Onkyo Unveils Brand New Flagship AV Receiver For 2012

Onkyo recently released three brand new models that are at the top of its av receiver lineup for 2012. Designed for integration into users’ digital lifestyles, these brand new models encompass some of the best features available in the market currently. The flagship model that everyone has their eyes fixed on is the Onkyo TX-NR5010 […]

A Sneak Peek At Onkyo’s Coolest Features

Onkyo recently announced a pair of brand new features that its av receivers will boast this year – InstaPrevue and MHL connectivity. With InstaPrevue, users will be able to enjoy a picture-in-picture preview of what is happening on any of your other inputs. For instance, while you are watching NetFlix, InstaPrevue will allow you to […]

How Much Will An AV Receiver Cost?

AV receivers can cost from $150 to well above $2000. It depends on what features your ideal receiver encompasses. In fact, most folks pay between $200 and $600 for a decent AV receiver. Entry level receivers generally cost between $150 to $300 and usually spot these characteristics : Basic 5.1-channel surround decoding (Dolby Digital and […]

AV Receiver Guide Part 2 : What Kind of AV Receiver Should I Get?

There are a wide variety of AV receivers available in the stores today. However, bearing in mind that your ideal AV receiver will be the core of your home theater system and will be driving your loudspeakers and other functions. With all the features that AV receivers offer today, you can get pretty overwhelmed. Your […]

AV Receiver Guide Part 1 : Do I Need An AV Receiver?

An AV receiver or otherwise known as a home theater receiver, is really the heart of a home theater system. It provides most of the inputs and outputs that you connect everything to, including your television, providing users an easy and cost-effective way of centralizing their home theater system. AV receivers are certainly for folks […]