Looking to upgrade your AV receiver? AV receivers today certainly have a whole chunk more of features that will sweep any user off their feet. So here is a look at some of the these amazing features that you will want to have in your next av receiver.

1) Network Capability – Most folks would want to be able to access video-based services such as Netflix, Amazon VOD and YouTube, and even Internet radio stations and streaming music services such as Pandora or Spotify throughout their av receivers. Hence, keep a look out for that Ethernet port.

2) Dual HDMI Outputs with ARC – This will prove to be extremely convenient for your home theater. ARC (Audio Return Channel) is also great for folks who wish to send audio from their TV back to the receiver over HDMI.

3) Beautiful Onscreen User Interface – A user interface that is not only a breeze to use but also easy on the eyes.

4) High Quality Volume Leveling – Consider having Dolby Volume or Audyssey Dynamic Volume so you will not always have to grab the remote control to deal with volume discrepancies.