The Denon AVR-1712 is your all-in-one 3D home theater receiver that offers advanced processing for your blu-ray, DVD player or game consoles or other media devices. This entry level receiver supports high-resolution audio formats and allows you to have a network of connectivity, including an option for an iPhone docking station.

Denon AVR-1712

Denon AVR-1712

Design and Connectivity

This entry-level receiver is designed to get your foundation right for your home theater system. It has the right amount and variety of connectivity for your home entertainment needs. The AVR-1712 has 6 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, 2 component and 5 analog inputs, PC and Ethernet input.

This receiver supports iPod and iPhone so you can play your music with the Dock Control Port. This provides direct connectivity, but this is sold separately. Denon has included an audio restorer that will help minimize degradation of your MP3 media. The result of the playback is crystal clear.

The Denon AVR-1712 is designed to be simple to use. The layouts of the buttons are neat and uncluttered. Labeling of the buttons on the front panel is easy and the GUI overlay makes it very intuitive for use.

Below is the back panel layout. Click on image to enlarge for a clearer view.

Denon AVR-1712 Back Panel

Denon AVR-1712 Back Panel


The Denon AVR-1712 receiver sits in the middle of the entry-level line. It provides a good balance of connectivity and features for perhaps a foundation set. The AVR-1712 is a 7.1 channel receiver with 90-watts powering each channel. The amps are built and powered by their own discrete circuits. This will ensure that the original sound will be reproduced than integrated circuits.

This receiver features full HD support for all your equipment including blu-ray players and game consoles. For audio and sound support, the AVR-1712 is capable of offering high performance with processing formats like Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital ProLogic IIz and DTS-HD Master Audio. It is also able to pass-through 3D signals even from television broadcasts.

Setting up this receiver is made easy with the Audyssey MultEQ XT. This feature will help set up your sound system configuration when used with the set up mic. Even if your room was oddly shaped, you can be assured that the sound experience will be at its optimum. There is also an advance set up wizard that will ensure that you will have a smooth and set by step set up.

The Audyssey Dynamic Volume is a feature that will balance out any sudden spikes or drops in audio so you do not have to grab the remote every so often. The Audyssey EQ will provide great sound quality at low volumes. There will be a good balance of trebles and basses and even dialogue when you use this feature.


To see how the Denon AVR-1712 fare in audio and video performance, we used the blu-ray version of How to train your Dragon 3D. This animation had a combination of interesting characters and picturesque landscapes.

Colors were vivid, dazzling and had bright contrast levels. The reds, yellows and blues were rich and saturated. Blacks were luscious and opulent with superb contrast that provided a lot of depth and separation.

The textures of the hairs, beard and skin were distinct and clear. The texture of the surrounding backdrop and ground were immaculate. Each grain of sand and cracks on the floorboard made the presentation very like-life.

The 3D effects of this movie were brilliant. The sense of space and dimension were very well-proportioned. The distance between the moving characters and the surrounding space added more realism which made this movie highly entertaining. The AVR-1712 made sure that there was very little judder or picture degradation.

The audio in this movie added more layers of dimension and realism to the entire presentation. Dialogue was clear and soundtrack was pleasing. Directionality of sounds from the weaponry and flying of the dragons created a real immersive and engaging experience.

We also used Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid in blu-ray to test the audio performance further. Colors were bright and blacks were rich. The textures and details of their outfits and skin were accurate and exquisite.

The audio presentation was excellent and satisfying. There was a very good balance of vocals, basses, piano and guitars. The LFE were strong, the trebles were stable and the fidelity was maintained throughout the recording. There was also great directionality of each group of instruments, voice and also noise from the crowd. This provided a good sense of realism and spaciousness.


The Denon AVR-1712 is the receiver of choice as it encompasses a respectable amount of connectivity and networking features. It also has the power to deliver top-notch video and audio quality at a very attractive price-point. If you are looking for a quality receiver that can cover your basic home theater needs, the Denon AVR-1712 is the perfect choice.