Nowadays HDMI cables come in many shapes, forms, construction and of course, prices. They can cost somewhere between $5 to $500, and maybe even more. With such a vast difference in price, whether or not to buy an expensive HDMI cable is probably one of the most debated subjects on the internet. Some believe it is a waste of money as it’s a digital cable, so either it works or it doesn’t.


Is there is any discernible difference in video quality that can be perceived by the human eye? The simple answer is yes, but not much.

Is it worth spending 10 times or more for a HDMI cable? Well it depends on your budget and how much value you place on build quality, visual construction and how well the connectors mate with the receptacles on your receiver. More expensive cables have been engineered to eliminate timing jitter or reduce binary errors.

To a large extent, the size of your screen and the resolution of your system will determine whether it is worth spending more for HDMI cables. If you have a 200 inch screen and a optimum setup in a room with total lighting control you may be able to realize the benefits of slightly sharper picture, better contrast, skin tones and less noise. Audio performance also improved with better depth and voice quality. But in a lesser system, these effects may not be so discernible.