Marantz has just launched 3 new high end models in its SR line of A/V receivers replacing last year’s ‘007 series’. They include cutting edge features that will delight both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

The three new receivers are already shipping. These are:

1. Marantz SR5008 (MSRP: $899) – a networked 7.2 channel receiver rated at 100 watts into 8 ohms for each of the 7 channels. It comes with Dolby Pro Logic IIz decoding, so you connect front height speakers for fuller surround and the latest Audyssey MultEQ XT for automatic room acoustic measurement and correction.

2. Marantz SR6008 (MSRP: $1199) is also a 7.2 channel unit with a higher power rating of 110 watts into 8 ohms for each of the 7 channels.

3. Marantz SR7008 (MSRP: $1999) – has 9.2 channel outputs. This is the flagship model and has a higher power output of 125 watts into 8 ohms for each of the 9 channels, enough to fill a large living room with earth shattering sound.  For room correction it has the top of the line Audyssey MultEQ XT32 to create the smoothest and most natural tonal balance.

arantz SR 6008 & SR7008

Marantz SR 6008 & SR7008

All of these top end receivers come with 4K Ultra HD Scaling and Pass-Through and Marantz’s proprietary HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology. Other upgrades in the SR Series include improved speaker terminals and a very user-friendly setup with a wide range of configuration options. They also support AirPlay which lets you wirelessly stream music from your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and it also lets you access your iTunes content on your PC or Mac via your home network.  As with all modern receivers you can control the functions using your favorite iOS or Android smartphone via the free Marantz Remote App.

One thing we like is that these receivers come with detachable power cords. This allows you to have the option to use a better after-market power cord instead of the stock cord. We have found that using better made power cords on higher end models do have a noticeable improvement in audio quality.

Visit Marantz USA for more info.