Anthem MRX 710

Anthem MRX 710

Look out for Anthem‘s all new MRX 710 and 510 AV receivers! Anthem announced just yesterday, the release of two receivers – the Anthem MRX 710 and 510.

These receivers sit at the top of Anthem’s range of receivers and these models look sleeker and are more advanced and hardworking than their predecessors.

Both these receivers offer 7 channels of audio output with 120 watts per channel for the MRX 710, and 100 watts per channel for the MRX 510. They also comes with an advanced version of Anthem’s proprietary room correction DSP system, the ARC 1M. Other upgrades include 7 HDMI inputs, one with Auto Return Channel (ARC), 2 HDMI outs, 4K video upscaling and pass through, drivers for IP control of select systems, iOS and Android controller apps, a host of available configurations, bi-amping of the L/R channels, and more.

Pioneer has always had a reputation for having some of the best AV receivers around. Some of its 2012 models are certainly worth looking at. One of them is the Pioneer VSX-522-K. While it is not network ready, folks who do not require this network connectivity will be attracted to its low price, especially with its pack of state of the art features such as Phase Control and Front Stage Surround Advance. Do check out the VSX-522-K review.

Folks looking for a network ready AV receiver and have a limited budget, can consider the Pioneer VSX-822-K. With 6 HDMI ports and some of the most up-to-date features that home theater enthusiasts would enjoy, this AV receiver makes for a great budget and energy efficient choice. Read the full VSX-822-K review now.