AV receivers are known to be somewhat out of sync with modern technology and are always bulky and hard to use.

Sony has recently announced the Sony STR-DN1040, one of the most feature-packed AV receivers available for a most affordable price. Packed with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay support, and eight HDMI inputs, what more can we ask for?

If you are a lil shocked by its price and still find it too expensive despite its undeniably nice package of features, have a look at the Sony STR-DN840 which also maintains the wireless connectivity but is a fraction cheaper.

Sony has always had AV receivers in its range of products, though they were never the market leaders in this arena. While most other manufacturers have features almost as a standard in their AV Receivers, Sony has finally launched brand new AV receivers that come with features such as Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth.

Its 2013 range of AV receivers come with a great number of HDMI inputs with the base model, the Sony STR-DN840 boasting 6 HDMI inputs and its high-end Sony STR-DN1040 boasting 8 HDMI inputs, an advanced GUI and dual HDMI outputs.

It’s time we looked out for these receivers!