AV receivers are known to be somewhat out of sync with modern technology and are always bulky and hard to use.

Sony has recently announced the Sony STR-DN1040, one of the most feature-packed AV receivers available for a most affordable price. Packed with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay support, and eight HDMI inputs, what more can we ask for?

If you are a lil shocked by its price and still find it too expensive despite its undeniably nice package of features, have a look at the Sony STR-DN840 which also maintains the wireless connectivity but is a fraction cheaper.

The latest AV receiver from Sony, the Sony STR-DN1030, is an update to the STR-DN1020 and it is the first AV receiver ever to feature built-in WiFi. This latest home cinema network AV receiver from Sony allows users to stream all their media content from their smartphones and tablet devices wirelessly or via AirPlay for Apple devices, providing access to over 15 million songs and Internet radio via the Sony Entertainment Network.

Armed with 7.2 channels of 120 watts each, five HDMI ports and other state of the art features such as HD Digital Cinema Sound Tech and Digital Cinema Auto Calibration technology, this AV receiver promises a true cinematic experience.