Sony STR-DH740

Top 5 AV Receivers for 2022 : Sony STR-DH590 Sony STR-DH190 Sony STR-DH790 Yamaha RX-V685BL Yamaha RX-V385 Read the full Top 5 AV Receivers for 2022 to find out more.

Pioneer’s lineup of AV receivers, namely the Pioneer VSX-932, Pioneer VSX-832 and Pioneer VSX-532, offer new features such as HDCP 2.2 compatibility and true 3-dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos® that optimize your audio experience. The Pioneer VSX-932 is an excellent main AVR or premium secondary unit for elsewhere in the home that delivers a quality […]

Onkyo has been very active in launching new models every year. 2018 is no exception. They just launched two new mid-priced AV receivers: the Onkyo TX-NR686 (MSRP $649) and the TX-NR585 ($549). Both 7.2-channel models support DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, 4K video with HDR10 and Dolby Vision pass-through, AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration, hi-res audio playback, […]

It’s been a while since Marantz launched the SR7010 and SR7011 model. Thus it is high time Marantz refreshed it’s lineup with the SR6012 (MSRP$1499) and SR5012 (MSRP$999). It good to know that Marantz has upped the ante with several new features like multiroom music playback via HEOS integration and also full 4K Ultra HD […]

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It’s been expected for some time but now the demise of 3D is official following the announcement that Sony and LG will be ending support for the format that Samsung and Visio had already abandoned. We are not surprised that it turned out this way as 3D had been a “cumbersome” format needing extra glasses […]

To keep audiophiles ears humming with expectation Onkyo’s 2016 line of advanced RZ Series AV receivers comes with upgraded and customized capacitors and Onkyo’s premium amp circuitry so as to deliver high-current power needed for the most demanding of action movies and full orchestral works. The top two models – Onkyo TX-RZ810 (MSRP $1399) and Onkyo […]

Onkyo, a company renowned for keeping its line of AV receivers at the cutting edge has again stepped forward ahead of the curve for featuring 4K video support in it’s line of mid range receivers. Along with other modern formats of audio surrounds and video there is a strong focus on multiroom audio too. The […]

Consistency, innovation and performance are terms we can associate with Yamaha’s receivers. They have been consistent with product quality and keeps making better receivers over the years. They also keep innovating with better features while keeping prices affordable. And we have not been shortchanged with natural sound and video performance. So we are glad to […]

Dolby calls its new Atmos technology “The most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound”. Onkyo is the first to embrace Dolby Atmos, ditching Audyssey in the process. The new Onkyo TX-NR1030 and TX-NR3030 receivers and the flagship Onkyo PR-SC5530 network AV controller, will all come with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Firmware updates are […]

Complementing the new entry level receivers launched recently, Onkyo launches two new mid-range receivers – the TX-NR737 and TX-NR838 priced at $949 and $1299 respectively. They have just been shipped and you should be able to get them from stores now. Both these receivers come with Bluetooth and built-in WiFi, plus the latest HDMI standard […]

If having the latest and most advanced home theater receivers are up your alley, Onkyo might just have the fix you need. Onkyo has just launched the latest range of network ready receivers that features 4K streaming and Ultra HD upscaling via HDMI. 2 models are announced so far, the TX-NR535 is a 5.2-channel receiver […]

The new mid priced 7.1 channel Onkyo HT-R2295 outputs a respectable 130W per channel of power to all its 7 channels making it ideal for those who have large speakers. Priced at only $499, it is one of the highest powered speakers at this price range. It is also designed to be smart device friendly […]

Marantz has released a new receiver – the Marantz M-CR610 Wireless Network CD Receiver – perfect for those who want a good source for audio and yet cannot fit a full-fledged AV receiver into a space. This receiver come with a CD player and is also an AV receiver and networking streaming media player all […]

Yamaha recently announced that it will support Spotify Connect, a home audio experience giving you control of your music across your mobile devices with millions of songs built in. Music streaming services has changed the way consumers access music. The integration of Spotify Connect within Yamaha products will provide customers with access to the vast […]

It’s been 4 years since Arcam last released an AV receiver and its new flagship AV receiver, the Arcam FMJ AVR750 AV Receiver is said to not only be the finest home cinema AV receiver Arcam has ever made, but also the best sounding stereo amplifier too. This newcomer boasts clean lines and a dark-grey […]

Look out for Anthem‘s all new MRX 710 and 510 AV receivers! Anthem announced just yesterday, the release of two receivers – the Anthem MRX 710 and 510. These receivers sit at the top of Anthem’s range of receivers and these models look sleeker and are more advanced and hardworking than their predecessors. Both these […]

HDMI specifications haven’t changed for some time, which is a good thing. Every time a change in technology or some new technical specification come about there is usually a flurry of activity by manufacturers to gain market share by touting the latest and the bestest. So after ten confusing HDMI specification updates, the last of […]

The delivery of digital music is slowly transforming from disc based to being file based. Many consumers are digitizing their CD collection and storing them as digital files and playing them back through a music streamer like the Squeezebox Touch. The range of music that are available for purchase as a download online are increasing […]

Most receivers nowadays come with quite a complete set of features such as Full HD, 3D support, all the DTS sound formats, Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi, room correction software, multi zone playback and many more. But as new display technology, smart devices and new media sources becoming more ubiquitous it would certainly help if you […]

The future of TVs and home theater systems looks rather exciting, with the onslaught of 4K Ultra HD displays and the expected price drop in the coming years. Consumers are already looking at good home theater receivers to have themselves a high-class audio visual experience in the comforts of their own home. While there are […]

Many may not realize it. But your room is the biggest audio component in a home theater setup. It will make the most difference to the sound. Do it right, and you will get natural balanced sound that you will enjoy indefinitely. On the other hand if the room is not suitable for audio playback, […]

Harman Kardon has been a stalwart in the audio industries since the early ’50 but their journey may not have been a gloriously smooth one. In recent years, with the revival of home entertainment, Harman has stepped up its efforts and have been building receivers that have simplicity, finesse and good value for money as […]

Marantz has just launched 3 new high end models in its SR line of A/V receivers replacing last year’s ‘007 series’. They include cutting edge features that will delight both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. The three new receivers are already shipping. These are: 1. Marantz SR5008 (MSRP: $899) – a networked 7.2 channel receiver […]

There is a new kid on the block in the audio visual industry – Sherbourn. Sherbourn, a Jade Design company and sibling to the Emotiva brand, recently released a series of home theater gear with the goal of bringing professional performance to consumers. The Sherbourn SR-8100 AV receiver might be a new kid in this […]

In recent weeks, talks have been rife about the impending launch of HDMI 2.0 and while new technology is usually received with open and welcome arms, especially when HDMI 2.0 would usher in a whole new era of video, it could also open Pandora’s box and create handshake issues as HDMI 1.0 did before. HDMI […]

AV receivers are known to be somewhat out of sync with modern technology and are always bulky and hard to use. Sony has recently announced the Sony STR-DN1040, one of the most feature-packed AV receivers available for a most affordable price. Packed with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay support, and eight HDMI inputs, what more can […]

Denon has announced 5 brand new AV receiver models for the year, ranging from the entry-level Denon AVR-X500 to the high-end Denon AVR-X4000. Other than the entry level AVR-X500, all the new Denon receivers feature iOS and Android control apps that users can use to control every aspect of the amps and an on-screen setup […]

It is now AV receiver season and we are seeing all sorts of upgrades on all lines of AV receivers. The Yamaha AV receivers have received an update and you should keep an eye out for the Yamaha RX-V375 and Yamaha RX-V475. For a really affordable $300, the Yamaha RX-V375 is a 100-watt driven receiver […]

The audio-visual industry has been abuzz with news recently as manufacturers announce their new releases. Pioneer has also done the same with the introduction of two brand new AV receivers, the Pioneer Elite SC-71 and SC-72. Both these receivers offer 7.2-channel surround sound, Class D amplification, 4K Ultra HD upscaling and HD audio playback. Both […]

Just when you thought that AV receivers could not get any better, Marantz surprises us with its space-saving ultra-slim NR1604 and NR1504 AV receivers. Designed to pack the same audio quality as its bulkier counterparts, these AV receivers have been found to be really easy and simple to use. They include features such as AirPlay, […]

Onkyo already has a wide range of AV receivers under its belt and it continues to strive to do better all the time. This time, Onkyo seems to have pulled out the stops on features in its latest duo of AV receivers – the Onkyo TX-NR929 and Onkyo TX-NR828. Not only do they feature built-in […]

New technologies such as 4K Ultra HD in HDTVs, projectors and Blu-ray players put new demands and high video bandwidth on cables. But how do you know if your home theater equipment is outputting the highest signal resolution? Well the latest Monster latest line of ISF Certified ‘Smart’ HDMI cables have glowing signal indicators that […]

Harman Kardon has launched two brand new AV receivers and they are the Harman Kardon AVR 2700 and AVR 3700. Powered by the Harman Kardon high-current, ultra-wide bandwidth amplifier and boasting 8 HDMI inputs with 3D compatibility and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, these AV receivers look attractive, to say the least. The […]

Sony has always had AV receivers in its range of products, though they were never the market leaders in this arena. While most other manufacturers have features almost as a standard in their AV Receivers, Sony has finally launched brand new AV receivers that come with features such as Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth. Its 2013 […]

Is it time to ditch your AV receiver remote in favor of using your smartphones? This is becoming a reality as Onkyo, Denon, Sony and many others offer Apple and Android apps that allow you to use your tablet or smartphone as a remote control. The reality, although not apparent to many, is that smartphone […]

Soundbars are becoming more and more popular nowadays and may one day be the component of choice for setting up a home theater due to its ease of integration. Another new development comes in the form of wireless soundbars that will really make this segment take off. The new Sonos Playbar is a case in […]

Nowadays HDMI cables come in many shapes, forms, construction and of course, prices. They can cost somewhere between $5 to $500, and maybe even more. With such a vast difference in price, whether or not to buy an expensive HDMI cable is probably one of the most debated subjects on the internet. Some believe it […]

Smartphones are now a way of life. Everyone has one and cannot live without it. Even when watching movies at home, the phone is by our side. The ubiquitous use of smartphones has spewed a proliferation of apps have really changed the way we control home theater content. It can even make watching movies at […]

When multizone video first popped onto the home theater scene, everyone thought it was uber cool. Now, home theater gurus Denon and Marantz are bringing it to a whole new cool level by packing it into their newest receivers. These new receivers will have an extra HDMI output that provides video in another zone and […]

Looking to upgrade your AV receiver? AV receivers today certainly have a whole chunk more of features that will sweep any user off their feet. So here is a look at some of the these amazing features that you will want to have in your next av receiver. 1) Network Capability – Most folks would […]

Onkyo recently announced a pair of brand new features that its av receivers will boast this year – InstaPrevue and MHL connectivity. With InstaPrevue, users will be able to enjoy a picture-in-picture preview of what is happening on any of your other inputs. For instance, while you are watching NetFlix, InstaPrevue will allow you to […]

AV receivers can cost from $150 to well above $2000. It depends on what features your ideal receiver encompasses. In fact, most folks pay between $200 and $600 for a decent AV receiver. Entry level receivers generally cost between $150 to $300 and usually spot these characteristics : Basic 5.1-channel surround decoding (Dolby Digital and […]